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About Sally's Little School
In early childhood, daily life experience is the curriculum. We work, we play, we fix things, we bake, and we clean. We make things and we sing! Every day! 

We spend a lot of time outside enjoying and investigating the natural world. Our courtyard garden is a magical place to dig and dream.

Childhood is a time for imagination and curiosity and should be devoted to the having of great ideas and the testing of hypotheses. We move at an unhurried pace to allow children the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in their discoveries.

As the only Waldorf-certified Family Child Care Provider on the Upper Cape licensed by the Department of Early Education and Care, my curricula, policies, and procedures follow Massachusetts State Standards and Guidelines. 

Sally Egan
Masters in Education, Antioch University
Certification in Integrated Education
Certification in Waldorf Education
Certification as Massachusetts EEC Director II, Lead Teacher & Family Child Care Provider

Domestic Arts
Children find joy in the practical activities of daily life such as baking and washing up. Engaging in practical life skills lays a foundation for future academic skills, and helps young children sharpen their initiative powers.

Social Arts
Mixed-age groupings foster secure relationships with the teachers over time. They provide ongoing opportunities to be both a younger and older “sibling.” Children can play up or down, experiencing themselves as both striving and mentoring.

Creative Arts
Imaginative play is enriched by story telling, puppet shows, art projects and crafts, music and singing. Along with vigorous, extended play and sensory stimulation, these are the kinds of things that provide opportunities for language development, dexterity, math skills, social skills, and creative thinking. 

I draw on traditional singing games and timeless nursery rhymes. Movement time emphasizes child-initiated activities that allow and promote healthy physical development by providing opportunities for unstructured, spontaneous movement in a protected environment. 

Outdoor Exploration
Children need more than the “playground” experience. They need “wild places” too. Building forts and fairy houses and exploring nature are an important part of the daily rhythm.

Pre-Academic Skills
The foundation for reading, math, and sciences is found in practical life activity and in the free play of the children, which mimics it. “Studies show that 4, 5, and 6 year-olds in heavily ‘academic’ classes tend to become less creative and more anxious—without gaining significant advantages over their peers. Youngsters in well-structured ‘play’-oriented schools develop more positive attitudes toward learning along with better ultimate skill development.” (Jane Healy, Ph.D., Your Child’s Growing Mind)

Festivals & Celebrations
Honoring the seasonal changes by observing traditional festivals of the year are high points of our community. Birthday celebrations also serve to punctuate our daily routine.


Half Day: 9am to 1pm
Full Day: 9am to 3pm

Enrollment is small by design with a current limit of 6 children per day and a commitment to limiting future enrollment to 10 children.

On a space available basis, parents may (for an additional fee) periodically add an extra weekday to their regular schedule and/or stay for an afternoon even though they do not regularly do so.

Our school year runs from mid-September to mid-June, and our holiday and vacation schedule closely follows the calendar for Falmouth Public Schools. For the exact dates of the current school year, please request an enrollment information packet.